Artistic Freedom at The Darkroom

I knew it was gonna be a bonza party when i saw the camera’s for the telly filming all these wierdos raving around and doing lots of arty shit. So I got down and did an awesome drawing of a unicorn, got my face painted and had some chippys and hummus in the Arthole, before heading into the Darkroom proper to catch some sweet poetry  in the open mic corner.
I was having fun, trying to chat up a sexy artist when all of a sudden a puppet popped up on stage and started whipping out jokes and wise cracks left right and centre! Said his name was Kenny. Well I’d just been upstaged. But before i could get too down, he announced Ken’s Tea Band. Now I’d never heard of them before, but i can tell you they came out all guns FUCKING BLAZING! some weird into song that sounded like a cross between a Saturday morning cartoon and some totally phresh hip hop stylies! They followed it seamlessly with this medieval fantasy hard rock ballad that had my hairs pricking up every which way!
After some arguing they dove into another blistering rock song called Only Through My Eyes, that led into a dancey, yet emotional and environmentally aware power tune.
Ken tried to follow this with a nice song about his peppy, but got interrupted by …another Ken?! With some horrificly brutal gangsta prog rock soundtrack type shit. Gonna be downloading Fangrill when it comes out!
They smashed out a funky as fuck song about sexy animals or ignoring media pressure about so called beauty. Hit after hit! A painful ode to how the world makes us fucked up came next, again, in a funky heavy dance style. Just when i was nearly overwhelmed, they started chasing each other through the audience! They ducked into the toilets while La Cucuracha was playing. A scream and laughter preceded their eruption as bass ken cut the music and they tumbled into the audience, tickler and a red faced, exposed, “false Ken”. He apologized for impersonating real Ken, and they made up. A couple nice songs before a brutal kiwi rapp metal song ended the set. What a gig. Yurt party and dj blle fmme were great too.
I am now officially a Ken though. Maybe even the real Ken…


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