Ken’s Tea Band debut at The Darkroom

It was a cool late autumn evening in Christchurch as Ken and the boys all finished work, grabbed their gear and headed for The Darkroom in St Asaph St. Sound checks began at 5:30 starting with veterans The Deep Siz, followed by The Ken’s and finally Fuzzy Pump. Fuzzy Pump also making their debut with first time bass player Lydia and Ken giving up his drums to play some rockin tunes on guitar.

After sound check the local comedy review took the stage to open their cans of laughter, so Ken and crew headed off to Little High eatery for a feed of Thai and pizza. After filling their bellies they headed to Arcadia for some old school video game fun.

The gig kicked off a little late at 9:30 with Fuzzy Pump tickling the early bird’s ear pussies. This rock/funk trio breaking the ice for the weirdness to follow.

Ken’s Tea Band began with their typical boisterous arrogance and fished for audience approval with some rocking early tunes before their egos really took hold and the tension began to build as the abuse began to fly and the age old “I’m the real Ken” debate flared. The uninitiated audience fell into a state of complete bemusement. Some admitting afterward to this reporter that they “couldn’t believe their eyes let alone their ears”. But soon the arguing subsided and the boys rang out their pop numbers including the catchy “Rise From The Grave” and “Environmentally Challenged” then “Don’t Look At Me” was interrupted when Ken had a revelation exclaiming “You don’t want to admit that we’re all Kens!” The audience were finally at ease as the epic “Fan Grill” rang out and the smoke machine kicked in.

The night was polished off with the hard rock 5 piece The Deep Six blazing all guns well past midnight!

Overall a great night had by all. We’ll see you all again at The Darkroom. Thanks to Nick for doing the sound ๐Ÿ™‚

4 thoughts on “Ken’s Tea Band debut at The Darkroom”

  1. Kimberley Clarke

    Amazing show! I’m a Ken fan from way back and I gotta say this leg of their NZ tour is so strong. I love that they mix classics and new material.
    A bit sad that they ended up arguing on stage, save it for the back room lads!
    Anyway well written blog and I might see you at the next concert!

  2. From one Ken to another. My zunners, my zunners, keep the Ken juices flowing. Well done. Big slobbery kiss to you all. XXX

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