Ken’s Tea Band at The Embankment

The night was dark and stormy on the first day of winter for the Ken’s second outing at The Embankment Tavern. The crowd filled the performance room and wet their whistles despite the cold as the night got off to an alternative folk inspired start with Aeneas and The Mullhawks. Before long the crowd was warm and lubricated.

You could feel the excitement building as The Ken’s prepared to kick off. The crowd could barely contain themselves and before the first note had spilled you could hear exclamations from all parts “I’m Ken”. After a bumpy first number in which there was a keyboard malfunction, the boys hit their stride with the wild “Don’t Look At Me” and the crowd were screaming! After only three tunes Ken decided he needed to eat tea! The rest of the Ken’s were caught off guard and all three voiced their protests as Ken casually began to eat a classic meat and three veg kiwi meal with flagrant disregard. The protests continued until the plate was upended when Ken exclaimed “It’s not what a Ken would do!” In an attempt to prove his metal Keyboard Ken challenged the hungry pretender to a dance off and some never before seen sweet moves filled the stage. The moves were contagious and the soon spread across the room as the catchy chorus “In The Name Of Love” rang out. The tension subsided and joy ensued as the boys churned out another classic performance.

After a short break the headline act Fuzzy Pump funked out the crowd with another tight performance. The funky trio proving that winter is no match for sweet grooves and divine melodies!

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