Spiritual Return to The Darkroom

Twas the longest night, winter solstice stars a-shining bright.
The Darkroom was swilling with eager punters and slurred murmers of ‘where’s Ken!?’.
The anticipation reached fever pitch and a chant broke out – ‘Ken! Ken! Ken! Ken!’
Like four genies from a bottle, the Ken’s burst into the room, past screaming fans and stunned drunks. All clad in pure white robes their presence was divine.
Bass Ken was filled with an evil spirit, but held it in check as he fired out some throbbing licks throughout the set. The other Kens were filled with beer and the whole Tea Band shredded up another amazing show.
It was their most ambitious, chaotic and messiest show yet, but it kept the audience engaged from beginning to end.
Drum Ken introduced the show and staked the first claim as the real Ken before they launched into ‘The Wierd Abventure’ Theme, which was brought down by the dank emotional metal song ‘Dark Days’. There was some arguing before they churned out some romantic environmental love songs.
The pace turned dancey again with the spiritual anthem ‘Rise from the Grave’ which somehow led into a lucky member of the audience being allowed on stage to be part of a spiritual cleansing!
The Ken’s had the whole audience chanting “Zeem Om Ah!” as Keyboard Ken broke through his Reptilian shell and the chant led him to his spirit animal, which took him for a moment to Paradiso. Success! Ken had to help him offstage and they resumed the sick rock epic ‘My Sweet Wesley’.
After some more heavy rock, there was a stickup and Ken was shot several times, collapsing to play ‘A Weak Moment’ on the ground.
They wrapped up with some chuggy orchestral dance metal and hip hop before disappearing into the longest night…
People heard moans and vomiting from backstage and someone told me they saw some dark spirits escaping. I’m not sure what went on that night, but I do know there is more to Ken than meets the eye…

1 thought on “Spiritual Return to The Darkroom”

  1. Kimberley Clarke

    Hey Ken’s! Great show as always! I really loved how you used the Zeem Om Ah to get that lucky audience member out of his shell. And your tunes are absolutely bangin! I was dancing my tits off!
    Big love as always, your number one fan!

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